MIA helps Red Bull see its audience

“MIA” is our newly developed high-tech platform for advanced marketing intelligence analysis.

MIA allows live facial imaging to be captured and momentarily analysed to provide a client with biometric data from a POS installation.

MIA uses a proprietary small form factor computer and miniature camera system that can be mounted in varying marketing substrates ranging from simple banners to more complex marketing / POS stands through to mobile campaign structures.

MIA’s facial recognition algorithms will return data to the client with not only the basic human biometrics of Age & Gender but through to advanced emotional reaction analysis detecting whether the person viewing their material is Happy, Sad, Surprised, Confused, Calm, Neutral or Disgusted.

Many ancillary biometrics are also recorded such as the presence of facial hair and eyewear.

All the information associated to any installation is then presented to the client in an easy to use interface allowing accurate analysis of any campaigns true effectiveness.

Red Bull recently put MIA to the test in Sao Paulo Brazil (September and November 2016) and were surprised at the returned data.

Red Bull commented that the average age of their audience at the POS installation (measured by MIA to be 44 years old) was far in excess of what Red Bull had previously assumed the average age to be.

MIA now allows these insights and far more to be gained from your POS installation – contact us for more information on MIA.


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