Direct mail Marketing

We are here to help you connect with your target audience.

Since 1988, PMA Global has built and trained teams specialised in marketing, designing, and distribution which can help you roll out the best direct mail strategy based on your customer database.

Our direct mail marketing services includes:

  • Construction of a cost-effective direct mail campaigns that leverage your database and marketing goals
  • Printing management, production, and distribution
  • Development of marketing message and collateral that match your branding
  • Campaign performance tracking and measurement

Direct mail helps you reach out to your target market cost-effectively

Why is direct mail marketing so widely-adopted in today’s digital world?

  • Leverage your data to personalise the marketing copies
  • Calculate a potential ROI
  • Develop a positive brand image
  • Connect to your customers cost-effectively
  • Allow for limitless creativity
  • Maintain brand loyalty & recall

Plan, Customise, Print, and Distribute

PMA Global’s wide range of teams specialise in all areas needed for a successful direct mail marketing campaign.


With more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, our graphic designers can create visuals that match your branding  and campaign messages using their capabilities in graphic design, pre-press management, digital and offset print output.

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The potential of direct mail marketing is unlimited! Many popular promotional items are popular for direct mail campaigns, including:

  • Pens

  • Rulers

  • Notepads

  • Mousemats

  • Magnets

  • Calendars

  • USB drivers

  • Phone accessories (wallets, stands, etc.) Microfibre cloths

PMA Global’s skilled team specialises in building promotional products for your direct mail campaign’s success.

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Since establishing print management services, PMA Global has built a knowledgeable team that offers print and digital asset management systems that can securely supervise online storage, cataloguing, retrieval and publication of digital artwork at every stage of the pre-print process.

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One of the keys to a successful direct mail campaign is delivering your marketing materials to the target audience in minimal time. This requires a sophisticated distribution system. PMA Global is characterised by reliability, commitment and quality, so your business can rely on us to reach your audience’s mailboxes as scheduled.

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PMA Global has provided our solutions and services for 7000+ partners around the world.



Direct mail marketing is any physical correspondence that entices customers to frequent your business. The essential elements of a direct mail product are: 

  1. Something identifying you or your business
  2. A call to action
  3. A way for customers to contact you.

Digital ads aren’t replacing direct mail marketing. In fact, direct mail is still alive and thriving in 2022. Here are the key benefits of using direct mail marketing:

  • Reach targeted audiences and potential buyers directly with personalised messages
  • Improve customer trust and loyalty
  • Increase sales from former customers
  • Create new business opportunities.
  • Cut through the digital marketing noise

Direct marketing encompasses a range of activities, the most common of which is direct mail. Another popular practice in direct marketing is telephone marketing.

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