Software Sourcing

As software becomes smarter and the paradigm shift to online operations in the cloud continues,

PMA has concentrated on providing our clients with solutions that align to these modern ideals.

Specialists In Branded
Material Sourcing

We have developed iSSD as a self-sourcing print platform.
The iSSD encompasses all that we have learned in over 27 years of operation and allows an individual or a team of company users to source their marketing collaterals for the best price on any given day from an accredited panel of local and global suppliers.
The iSSD can run in a dual role of either self-source or assisted source where our procurement team provides the technical detail of your job.
Jobs done in the self-source model are passed through to the user at cost price.
For more information visit the iSSD sub site at


Easy to pick up and use with little to no complication.


Customize the system to meet your business requirements.


Visualize performance, usage and more with
a simple click of a button.

Success Software Sourcing Stories

PMA Global partners with top brands across industries and has delivered impressive results.

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