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Need an efficient system to adopt the ever-changing ecommerce market? PMA Global is the reliable fulfilment & logistics solutions to our global partners. We provide ecommerce support for D2C, B2B and B2C logistics.

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eCommerce Consulting Service

At PMA Global, our experienced team is dedicated to improving our clients’ online business performance.

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Customer Groups

Product Sales
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eCommerce Fulfilment Service

Pick & Pack Fulfilment

We customise and choose the best solutions for your business from:

  • Discrete order picking
  • Batch picking
  • Wave picking
  • Zone picking
  • Technology based picking


PMA Global provides third party pick and pack warehouse services for all ranges of ecommerce businesses.

International Order Fulfilment

We have an order fulfilment team that handles international order storage, packaging, labelling and shipping, undertaking all kinds of logistics services from start to finish including repackaging, return processing and reverse logistics.

kitting & assembly

Kitting And Assembly

Do you need your products to be packaged a certain way in bulk? We can package items that arrive as separate pieces into a single grouping in advance of it being ordered by customers.

Order & Data Management

PMA Global has a team of experienced technicians that helps our clients develop and adopt cloud-based software solutions for their online businesses.

e-Retail Logistics Tracking

Our engineers can help develop technology-enabled ecommerce logistics software dedicated to first-mile shipment processing from stores and ecommerce fulfilment for direct customers and brands. The system seamlessly integrates with all major ecommerce platforms and marketplaces to provide best-in-class logistics to end customers.

Work Process


Contact Us

Arrange a discovery call.

During The Initial Call

Discuss your business goals, your current situation and challenges, and we will share our experience and assess whether PMA Global is a good fit for your online business growth plan.

Strategy & Planning Session

Together, we will develop an effective strategy based on your goals and our experience with your industry

Warehousing & Distribution

PMA Global then picks and packs your products, stores them in our warehouse network, and dispatches them to your customers with our efficient logistics system.

Customer Service

Our experienced & friendly customer service staff is trained to efficiently resolve any issues you might encounter.

Success Ecommerce & Fulfilment Stories

PMA Global partners with top brands across industries and has delivered impressive results.


  1. Real time inventory tracking through Neon, the Customer requisitioning engine (specific to the customer). Our point of difference is proprietary. PMA Global can make all the changes required to suit your exact need and platform (small cost and quick turnover).
  2. We offer distribution and when needed printing of the tear-tags, etc.
  3. We can also offer the sourcing once we’re in the business.
  4. We support the sale of the product (how to market and sell the product)
  5. Our facilities can fall under the customer’s licence following a TGA investigation and approval. This means we can provide samples, pack them in the packaging with the products and distribute them to chains that send to venues.

Yes if ordered before midday.

Our logistics services cover all types of goods and packages and are restricted to dangerous goods only. We also recommend limiting the handling of fragile items.
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