• 2023 - Toitu NZ Certification
    We are working with Toitū Envirocare to measure and certify the carbon emissions for the PMA Global Australian, New Zealand & Malaysian branches.

    As part of our sustainability initiatives, we have committed to working closely with Toitū Envirocare to accurately audit and measure our greenhouse gas emissions, helping us put in place strategies to manage and reduce our impacts as we work towards achieving certification. This will be a huge step forward for PMA Global in achieving our sustainability goals.
  • 2022 February - PMA New Zealand Solar
    PMA New Zealand joins the "Solar Side" and installed fresh off the line, brand new solar panels.
  • 2021 December - Trees That Count
    New Zealand Operation replaces traditional client Christmas gifts with the trees that count initiative. The whole PMA team will donate half a days labour to plant tree seedlings.
  • 2021 November - 4th Recycling Bin
    Auckland operation to instigate 4 recycling bin approach to achieve the segregation of organics from landfill and “worm farm” these items.
  • 2021 September - Mercury Energy
    New Zealand operation to sign deal for 50% green energy with Mercury Energy.
  • 2021 July - Carbon Tracking
    PMA Global releases Carbon Engine for tracking kilometers travelled and carbon emissions associated with deliveries. Engine allows modelling various warehouse hubs.
  • 2021 July - Queensland Warehouse Solar
    Queensland Warehouse receives first proposal for 26Kw Solar Install.
  • 2021 June - Energy Australia
    NSW operation signed into 50% “Green Power” deal with Energy Australia.
  • 2021 June - Zero Carbon Certification
    PMA Global signs up with Toitu New Zealand seeking a carbon zero certification. This encompasses the operating sites of New Zealand, Australia & Malaysia.
  • 2021 May - Sustainability Committee
    PMA Global forms its Sustainability Committee to drive change across all global operations.
  • 2021 April - Deal with Goodmans
    Signed deal with Goodmans for the Auckland operation to receive a 40kw Solar System install.
  • 2021 March - Deal with Goodmans
    Signed deal with Goodmans for the Auckland operation to receive a full LED lighting outfit office and warehouse.
  • 2021 February - Erskine Park Proposal
    First drawings and proposals for 100kw Solar System for Erskine Park.
  • 2020 - Plastic Recycling
    Plastic Baler installed and plastic recycle program instigated.
  • 2018 - Erskine Park Signing
    Erskine Park operation signed into 25% “Green Power” deal with Energy Australia.
  • 2016 - Mr Fusion Recycling
    Mr Fusion Recycling engaged for non-secure destroys and items are broken down into recyclable categories of paper, plastic and metal reducing landfill.
  • 2015 - LED Fit Out
    Full LED Fit out - Office and Warehouse – reducing power consumption by approximately 60%.
  • 2011 - iSSD
    iSSD Sourcing NViro Engine Trademarked & released.
  • 2010 - Warehouse
    Yale deal with Fork fleet going to all electric and no internal combustion powered forklifts used.
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