Neon is Here!!

Neon is PMA Globals 6th gen online client portal and he will be glowing May 1st!

Neon will bring a range of new features and utilities coupled with all the functionality our clients already love.

Alongside Neons complete mobile compliance these new features will include:

Push Marketing Manager – Push multiple new items out to multiple users /  user groups in various quantities with a few clicks.

Improved Allocations Manager – Want to see who has what not only allocated but currently on-order? Neon can.

Event / Asset Manager – Setup your assets with everything from daily rate charging to return grace periods and then mix bag order them with regular stock,  yes Neon takes care of your assets from delivery to return.

WIP Fulfilment Manager – Manage any number of campaigns with multiple products being sourced through multiple suppliers. Neon with ensure it is co-ordinated and fulfilled on time. 

MIA Embedded – MIA is now embedded as a core module so you can view all your POS biometric measurement installations and see up to date information.

Multi Order Status Engine – Neon works hard together with Ares (our WMS) to give you up to the second notification in every respect of your orders lifecycle. This ranges from being picked to despatched to delivered with POD signature (if available on that carrier).

Business Card / POS Generator Embedded – Build, approve and send to production through Neons overprint generator.

Full Mobile Compliance – Run Neon on virtually any device through almost every browser and never have to strain to read or resize a screen.

plus Quick Order Entry, simplified Track & Trace, Budget System, DAL Approval System, PDF Catalogue Generator and much more.

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