WG&SA Shares a
Dram with PMA

After a three month process where PMA responded to a request for tender for Warehousing, Distribution and fulfillment Services to William Grant & Sons Australia (WG&SA), hosted a presentation and provided a site tour of our Erskine Park Facility and then had one final presentation detailing the transparent reporting suite that is possible in a relationship with PMA, the WGS team awarded the contract to PMA Global on 28th Oct.
Responsible for the Australian distribution and management of well-known brands like Grants, Glenfiddich, Hendricks and Sailor Jerry amongst others, the team at WGS indicated that PMA had not only responded to the brief in full, but also were able to demonstrate through systems, the reporting suite, our experience, scale and a perfect cultural fit, that our pitch was the standout amongst the tenders received.
With implementation in process with stock inbound for receipt prior to Christmas and the contract also ready for execution the PMA and WG&SA teams are excited and ready to hit the ground running in 2020 not only in storage, distribution and fulfillment but also with opportunities to source product to support the WG&SA brands in the Australian market.

PMA continues to be at the forefront of warehousing
and distribution for the beverage industry!

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